Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's been a while...

Well thus far my new year, new me goals have not been doing well for my blog. The good news is I have lots to post about for the next month. I still have Christmas gifts to post about, teaching my mom to sew a bungalow bag, my first craft fair (well actually a flea market) but, well get to that one later this month, and I will also be opening up an Etsy store this month called sewn shenanigans. Hopefully I can get back into action with my sewing and scrapbook projects and start keeping my posts up to date. So for today's post I am going to finish up the Christmas gifts since it is April and all. So first up is a tie that I made for my husband Mike,

Surprisingly it was not as hard to make as I thought, it was a little bit harder to deal with silk vs. cotton but, all in all I think my first tie turned out okay. The important thing is that Mike seems to like it, since he wore it to work I'm not sure if that's because he felt obligated or because he actually like it but, I am counting it as a victory.

I am missing photos of the weekend travel bag that I made for my mother and grandmother for Christmas. It is an Amy Butler pattern, I made one for myself about a year ago

The fabric I used for my bag is also by Amy Butler it is part of her Nigella line. The fabrics I used for moms back was also by Amy Butler and is part of her August Fields line,

For my grandmothers was by Joel Dewberry Ginseng collection,

Both turned out beautifully and I debated keeping them for myself :), but I didn't.

The final Christmas gift I want to share are the place mats, napkins, and table runner that I made for my parents, well mainly my mother since I don't think my dad is really into table decor but, lets not get caught up in the tiny details.

They pattern for the place mats and napkins are from Amy Butler's In Stitches book, and the pattern for the table runner is by Anna Banana. The fabric is from the Moda fabric Fandango line. I'm not sure how well you can see this is the photos but everything is reversible including the runner which is not pictured, the back of the runner is the green fabric on the front side of the place mats. I hope you enjoyed seeing the rest of the Christmas gifts, finally and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask.