Saturday, February 19, 2011

new year, new me

This year I started my own version of Cathy Zielske's tales from the scale or move more, eat less as she now calls it. Thus far I think it is going pretty well, I have started regularly attending the spinning, dance jam, and yoga classes at the gilruth which is the gym that is on site at JSC. I have also tried to run once a week so my workout schedule is Monday - Dance Jam (hip hop, jazz, fun cardio class), Tuesday Spinning (cardio hell), Wednesday - Yoga JAM (which is yoga for young people, or not your mama's yoga), Thursday - there is a spinning class but I haven't built up the butt and inner thigh muscle strength to attend two classes a week yet. After my first two classes I thought I was never going to be able to walk right again, but it is gradually getting easier, I said easier don't mistake that for easy. Thursday is currently one of my off/rest days until I build up more butt strength, Friday -Sunday I run one day and try to do Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred one day.

All in all it makes for a busy workout week, but after doing it for over a month I find myself looking forward to my workouts, who would have thought definitely not this gal. Thought I would share the torture, oh wait the fun I have been having this past month and maybe inspire so of you all to make it your year to get fit too.

And now for the creative part of today's post I am going back to Christmas and going to share my first dress with you all. While it is not perfect I think for my first dress its not too bad at all. I used the Eclair pattern - from Colette patterns you can check out the link to see their dress, this is the dress that I wore for Christmas eve mass, I love the color combo.

I also made the cute flower that is on my cardiagan, I made one for myself, my mom and my grandma all to wear to mass on Christmas eve and here we are all looking wonderful

The fabric I used for the dress was a pink,red and black silk and the sash is a dark gray rough silk/stain fabric. The flowers are as spin off of the flowers mom and I made at spark in Janet Hopkins class. The main flower is from house of three Parisian anthology line and then I sprayed it with several layers of dark red, pink, and purple glimmer mist to get the desired color.

I have also decided to try and attempt to make one crafty sewing project every two weeks, and one card or scrapbook project a week starting in march so we'll how that goes, if it works out you can look forward to plenty more blog posts I'm sure you are all busting at the seems with excitement. Have a great rest of the weekend and I hope you are inspired to complete the goals you set for yourself this year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Papertry Ink color challenge

Thinking of you

I chose the ripe avocado, ocean tide, vintage cream, dark chocolate color combo which is my favorite. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, if you would like to participate in the color challenge at PTI check here for the info

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Card time

I stopped doing my regular stampin up card class every month a while back, and it has finally happened.. my card stash is dwindling. So I finally busted out all of those stamp sets I've been hoarding, you know what I'm talking about all the stuff you buy each month to meet the $25 minimum that sits in a room somewhere collecting dust. Because since you makes cards once a month what is the point of breaking out your own stash and doing them. Well I have finally broke down and made some cards for my mother in law Pattie who is currently living in Nigeria, and I am also going to start making some for myself as soon as I get my purse finished.

These photos are of the cards that I made for Pattie,

Birthday cards

Fun cards

It's kind of hard to tell in the photo but that is a cute little bra stamp, it says thanks for all your support.

How cute is that little beetle, love it.

Thinking of you card, Mile's favorite

If you are like me and have a stash of stamps or craft supplies sitting around collecting dust, bust them out and use them. You never know they may just inspire you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Month

It would seem that my plan of blogging at least once a week didn't work out too well thus far. In an effort to keep some currency to my blog I thought it was time to make another post, so away we go. Since I have not posted all of the Christmas goodies I made last year for family I'm going to start there. First up we have a quilt that I made for Mike's god son Lyle, which if I do say so myself is super cute but, I will let you all decide for yourselves.

The front of the quilt above is a little race track for his hot wheels, did you know that the hot wheels cars change color now when you get them wet, I love how toys are evolving.

This is the back, it is really soft felt and a fluffy fleece, it was too cute to pass up. For an added bonus I am going to throw in a photo of Lyle with his quilt. You all should feel quit special today, just going to warn you ahead of time he's a charmer.

Next up is my parents modeling the lovely pajama pants I made for them, I kind of wish I made a pair for myself after I saw how nice and soft and comfy they were, maybe next year.

My mom's pants are little reindeer and Christmas lights and my dads are the cars from the movie Cars in the snow. I thought they were cute and cheerful and I love how jolly the Santa is on my dad's shirt super cute. Overall I think they turned out okay, however I did realize how much I hate hemming pants what a pain in the rear. I am more of a whatever happens, happens kind of sewer but since I was making these for gifts I tried to be a little more precise, let me tell you I would much rather make an entire bag then hem a pair of pants. That's is all I have for this installment of craftiness, hopefully I will make more time to start having regular posts we'll see. Next post will be something new and exciting, which really just means I haven't decided yet so it will be a surprise for me too.