Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just keep swimming

So I'm still here and still keeping my head above water barely. It seems like as soon as I think I have some free time something else happens that just sucks it all up, with that being said I'm going to try and start doing some regular blog posts again a lot has happened in the past year to update everyone on. Ella is now 18 months and a walking, no wait running, talking bundle of toddler joy and everyday is a new adventure. My currents tasks are starting  and getting caught up on her second year scrapbook, making her a quiet book that will hopefully be done by the end of the summer, and learning how to embroider with my new sewing/embroidery machine. I will post some photos soon hopefully of Ella's year one scrapbook I have to admit I'm quite pleased with how it turned out - it is actually 2 scrapbooks but who's keeping track. Since most/almost all of the ideas for Ella's scrapbook and quiet book and a lot of embroidery ideas are coming from the wonderful world of pinterest I am toying with the idea of doing my pinterest challenge idea again showing you all the pinterest inspiration and my results and hopefully there will be more successes then failures (i.e. nailed it) posts. That is what's keeping my crafty life busy these days and lots of other fun activities are keeping the rest of my days busy. Hopefully this is the beginning of regular blog posts - for now I'll just keep swimming.