Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting things done

It seems that this hold raising a little munchkin thing is taking more time then I thought it would, boy was I sorely mistaking. I do have some photos of the pinterest projects I completed to post - I need to finish the diaper cover almost complete and the bapron still needs some ties so I'll post them when I get a chance. I still need to take photos of some of the dresses. The two pinterest challenges I have photos of are  a scrappy tutu - which was not on my original list and the ruffle dress which I turned into a ruffle pillow case dress. Both projects were really simple and I would recommend trying them.

My version of the scrappy tutu on my little princess

The pinterest Scrappy tutu

My coral and peach pillow case version


The pinterest ruffle dress

I'll hopefully get the other pics posted soon and my next projects are going to be decor and crafts for the little princess' first birthday. I know it's not until November but I want to try to get a head start so I'm not stressed trying to get it all done at the last minute we'll see how things go. Hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playing Catch up

Well my plan didn't quit workout as I envisioned it. I didn't quite accomplish my at least one post a week this past month but hopefully after Ella's baptism this weekend I should have more time to focus on the blog, I guess we'll see. However I did finish 3 of the 4 pinterest creations I had challenged myself with along with 3 other dresses for my little munchkin I'll try to get that post up next week sometime. Hope you all have a great weekend and keep on craftin'.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday Tradition

Since Easter weekend 2007 the Sovinsky Good Friday crawfish boil has become part of my Easter tradition and this year Ella got to take part as well. Well sort of she was really just there for some cute photos she didn't actually get to eat any crawfish we'll save that part of the tradition for next year. Our good friends the Lala's hosted it again this year and they also added a shrimp and fish fry yummy. We all had a great time as you can tell from the photos.

Oh and for a pinterest challenge update I have my patterns ready to go but I haven't cut the fabric yet my plan is to start that next week I'll be sure to keep you all posted I am so excited to take photos tomorrow for the munchkins first Easter wohoo. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and have a great Easter tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oddly busy week

This week has been much busier then I anticipated lots of fun stuff happening with my munchkin. We had our first visit with Easter bunny at the mall on Tuesday and I was really impressed at how well Ella did there was no crying or fusing just the usual happy baby. She was a little curious about what was holding her but once she focused on momma and her baby Einstein octopus she was my happy smiley little girl.
  There's my cutie I just love this photo I can't wait to add it to her scrapbook which is coming along well I am almost caught up and by caught up I mean the first two months plus the before she arrived pages. I only have her Christmas, our new family, thanksgiving, and her firsts layouts to complete. Then its on to her 3, 4 and 5 month layouts, valentines day, Easter, bath time progress, our daily and our weekly routines and the bluebonnets leading to my next topic.

This morning we ventured out to a nice grassy pasture on hwy 96 almost to hwy 146 that was littered with blue bonnets, so we parked the car loaded up the stroller with a basket, blankets, my camera bag, and of course my Ella boo and headed out to the field of blue. I think we were a little late finding this place because a lot of blue bonnets had been trampled or sat on but we still managed to find a well covered locale. I wasn't quite sure how well Ella was going to do since this was her first time doing photos outside but she was a champ like always. No fuss no muss just sat there and played with her dress and looked around. The sun was a bit of a problem since she has her moms sensitive baby blues, there was  lot of squinting and closing her eyes but I came home with some really cute photos. Let me know what you think.

I was so amazed how well she was sitting up she is getting so big.

There's  my sweetie

I just love this expression

She was even happy just laying on a blanket in the grass.

For April my goals for the blog are to start posting some of Ella's scrapbook pages, and start my pinterest challenge. Without further ado here are the pinterest pins I decided on for my first challenge.
The Bapron (bib apron)
Vary this with a onesie and pre- ruffled fabric.
Vary this making it a pillow case ruffle dress.

The idea is to finish one project a week we'll see how that goes, I don't think they'll be too challenging and they're for a baby so it should take to long to sew each one. Looking forward to letting you know my outcomes and having some fun new things for my Ella boo to model. Hope you had an awesome hump day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catch up

Today I thought I would play catch up on some of the awesome stuff I made Ella that I was going to post before she arrived but didn't get around to, that's seems to be a common theme lately. I'm looking forward to getting back on a schedule, it helps keep me sane.

Pinafore dresses, jackets and pants
Dr. Seuss certain this was my first project for the nursery.

  Close up - the newborn fly away jacket from
the one yard wonders book. The hooded jacket and
   quick change reversible pants from the New beginnings
 book by Anne Maire Horner.
I also love the cute dresses, the two tartan dresses are     special because they are the Tartans of my home in Canada.
       The green, yellow, and black is the Cape Breton tartan from the Island I grew up on, and the blue and gold tartan is the province of Nova Scotia tartan. The Dr. Seuss dress matches the nursery theme.  These all came from a pinterest pinafore  pattern slightly altered.
Dr. Seuss Happy Stacker from the new
 beginnings book so much fun to make.

  Diaper cover, bib, and burp cloth - the burp cloth and bib
  are also from my love pinterest. I will add the pins for these
so you all can have fun making them too.
Above are the pins for the projects if you want to make them too :). All three were quite easy to make, the burp cloths are awesome I've probably made about 30 of them, so if you're looking for a good pattern look no further. I haven't really used the bibs yet, bu I was not a fan of attaching all of the snaps by hand, I would suggest using Velcro unless you love hand sewing. The dress was also great although it doesn't give a size but from wearing it on Ella its about 0-3 month pattern, I think I can still wear it as a cute shirt with some jeans we'll see.

I also made a puff quilt which I love its so soft and cuddly. The pattern is from honey bear lane. 

If you're thinking of making a baby quilt for yourself or as a gift I would recommend this one Ella loves laying on it and it wasn't that hard to make. If you're interested you can find the pattern from this pin. 

The last pinterest project I made was super easy and the result was great. 

Here is the pin 
Here is my result on our cutie pie.
 I have 6 more projects just calling my name these will be the beginning of my monthly pinterest posts. you'll get to see the first two pins next week.  Happy hump day.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just another monday

Ella had her 4 month dr. appointment today and she did so well. She weighed 17lbs 1 oz and 25&3/4 in. long which makes her 100% for weight and 85% for height that's our girl. Her head size is 15 &1/2 inches around which still puts her just below average at 45% - not taking after her mommy with that one must be a daddy trait. It's hard to believe that 4 months have already passed since my little munchkin was born.

I thought I would start getting back to the crafty tales with the finished nursery pics.

Mike and I had a great time painting the nursery and we hope Ella enjoys it as much at we do.

Now that little miss Ella is starting to sleep on a more regular schedule I am going to start working on some long over due projects - mainly for her, but some for me. As I finish them I will be sure to keep the blog updated. My other plan for the blog is to accomplish one pinterest pin a month either a baking/cooking, card idea, scrapbook page, or sewing craft. This way I can start actually working on making some of my pins instead of just looking at them online and imaging making them. I'm going to post the original pin, my outcome, and if it was easy or hard and if it's something I would do/make again. This should start in April- I'm still thinking of a fun name for it that will come later.

I am also going to start posting Ella's scrapbook which is coming along nicely so everyone gets to share in the memory keeping fun.

Hope you're enjoying your Monday.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our new addition to the family

Well it has been a very long time since my last post and so much has happened since then, we have a new addition to our family miss Ella Sophie who will be 4 months old on Sunday, 3/18. She was born on Friday, 11/18/11 at 8:41pm weighing 8lbs 2.2 oz, and now at 4 months she is a whopping 16lbs 8.8 oz and we love every ounce of her.

Ella @ 1 week Ella @ 4 mos.

I thought it was only fair to provide a side by side comparison for everyone to enjoy. I'm truely amazed at how fast time is passing I really can't believe that tiny baby I brought home from the hospital only 2 days old in November is going to turn 4 months old in 2 days. She has change so much over the past 4 months and I feel so blessed to be able to spend every day with her watching her change and grow, miss Ella is the best gift we ever received.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've not been keeping up with my crafty posts which brings me to my next topic, keeping the blog up to date. I've decided this is going to be my crafty, family, cooking, baking, anything goes blog that way I don't feel limited to just posting projects and will hopefully be able to make one or two posts a week. I have some ideas up my sleeve to make it interesting and fun. Happy Friday everyone.