Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy, busy, busy

I know, I know I keep saying I will make updates more frequently to my blog but, other stuff has
keeping me busy lately. I made Halloween costumes for Mike and I, I will post the finish product sometime next week, since I don't foresee me taking photos of us prior to the party we are going to on Saturday. We were in Colorado at the beginning of the month for a wedding so we made a vacation out of it, we stayed in Estes park for a couple of days before the wedding and did some hiking it was nice to be somewhere with mountains for a change. And I am already behind on making Christmas gifts I think I'm going to have to start in January next year so I don't feel so rushed. I also have birthdays and baby showers for friends coming up that I have to make/buy gifts for, so posting on the blog is falling to the bottom of the to do list. I'm hoping to start making regular posts someday:). I have no creative tales to post today since I haven't been taken many photos lately but next time I will hopefully have my first quilt and our halloween costume photos to share. Hope you all have a great halloween and stay safe.

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