Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting things done

It seems that this hold raising a little munchkin thing is taking more time then I thought it would, boy was I sorely mistaking. I do have some photos of the pinterest projects I completed to post - I need to finish the diaper cover almost complete and the bapron still needs some ties so I'll post them when I get a chance. I still need to take photos of some of the dresses. The two pinterest challenges I have photos of are  a scrappy tutu - which was not on my original list and the ruffle dress which I turned into a ruffle pillow case dress. Both projects were really simple and I would recommend trying them.

My version of the scrappy tutu on my little princess

The pinterest Scrappy tutu

My coral and peach pillow case version


The pinterest ruffle dress

I'll hopefully get the other pics posted soon and my next projects are going to be decor and crafts for the little princess' first birthday. I know it's not until November but I want to try to get a head start so I'm not stressed trying to get it all done at the last minute we'll see how things go. Hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend get out and enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Hey Terra! :) Love your blog...your little girl is precious!

  2. As usual, great job Terra!! And Timothy's birthday isn't until December, but I've already started planning too. He better still love fire trucks then!

  3. Thanks Adrienne and Cass. Cass I can't wait to meet Jacob he looks so cute in the pics hope you're doing well and taking it easy.