Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm back

We'll it has really been too long since I've made a post, but what can I say I've been a busy lady. Lots of things have happened in the past few months, I have no projects to share on this post but, soon there will be lots of fun posts for you to enjoy and maybe even a few tutorials. So here is a few of the things that have been occupying my time recently.

1. I'm pregnant, whoop!! It's a girl, she is due Dec. 5th I can't wait to meet her.
2. Getting the nursery ready, we decided to go with a Dr. Seuss theme tomorrow I'm going to start painting the mural. I'm excited and a little nervous I really hope it turns out like I picture it.
3. Making diaper bags, blankets, toys, and clothes for my little girl.
4. Deciding on a name for her, I think we finally decided on Ella Sophie we are still trying out but so far its the winner.
5. Researching baby items, who knew there was so much stuff you could get for such a small person. I had no idea.

Here is our little bundle of joy for your viewing pleasure, be careful not to look to long she is super cute.

This is Ella's side profile at 19 weeks. She is so cute I can't wait to get to hold her. Oh and before I forgot one more update as of last Friday I am officially a stay at home mom to be, it's going to be an exciting new world for me and I can't wait. I hope everyone is having a great week and hopefully I will have some crafty updates soon.

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