Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catch up

Today I thought I would play catch up on some of the awesome stuff I made Ella that I was going to post before she arrived but didn't get around to, that's seems to be a common theme lately. I'm looking forward to getting back on a schedule, it helps keep me sane.

Pinafore dresses, jackets and pants
Dr. Seuss certain this was my first project for the nursery.

  Close up - the newborn fly away jacket from
the one yard wonders book. The hooded jacket and
   quick change reversible pants from the New beginnings
 book by Anne Maire Horner.
I also love the cute dresses, the two tartan dresses are     special because they are the Tartans of my home in Canada.
       The green, yellow, and black is the Cape Breton tartan from the Island I grew up on, and the blue and gold tartan is the province of Nova Scotia tartan. The Dr. Seuss dress matches the nursery theme.  These all came from a pinterest pinafore  pattern slightly altered.
Dr. Seuss Happy Stacker from the new
 beginnings book so much fun to make.

  Diaper cover, bib, and burp cloth - the burp cloth and bib
  are also from my love pinterest. I will add the pins for these
so you all can have fun making them too.
Above are the pins for the projects if you want to make them too :). All three were quite easy to make, the burp cloths are awesome I've probably made about 30 of them, so if you're looking for a good pattern look no further. I haven't really used the bibs yet, bu I was not a fan of attaching all of the snaps by hand, I would suggest using Velcro unless you love hand sewing. The dress was also great although it doesn't give a size but from wearing it on Ella its about 0-3 month pattern, I think I can still wear it as a cute shirt with some jeans we'll see.

I also made a puff quilt which I love its so soft and cuddly. The pattern is from honey bear lane. 

If you're thinking of making a baby quilt for yourself or as a gift I would recommend this one Ella loves laying on it and it wasn't that hard to make. If you're interested you can find the pattern from this pin. 

The last pinterest project I made was super easy and the result was great. 

Here is the pin 
Here is my result on our cutie pie.
 I have 6 more projects just calling my name these will be the beginning of my monthly pinterest posts. you'll get to see the first two pins next week.  Happy hump day.  

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