Monday, March 19, 2012

Just another monday

Ella had her 4 month dr. appointment today and she did so well. She weighed 17lbs 1 oz and 25&3/4 in. long which makes her 100% for weight and 85% for height that's our girl. Her head size is 15 &1/2 inches around which still puts her just below average at 45% - not taking after her mommy with that one must be a daddy trait. It's hard to believe that 4 months have already passed since my little munchkin was born.

I thought I would start getting back to the crafty tales with the finished nursery pics.

Mike and I had a great time painting the nursery and we hope Ella enjoys it as much at we do.

Now that little miss Ella is starting to sleep on a more regular schedule I am going to start working on some long over due projects - mainly for her, but some for me. As I finish them I will be sure to keep the blog updated. My other plan for the blog is to accomplish one pinterest pin a month either a baking/cooking, card idea, scrapbook page, or sewing craft. This way I can start actually working on making some of my pins instead of just looking at them online and imaging making them. I'm going to post the original pin, my outcome, and if it was easy or hard and if it's something I would do/make again. This should start in April- I'm still thinking of a fun name for it that will come later.

I am also going to start posting Ella's scrapbook which is coming along nicely so everyone gets to share in the memory keeping fun.

Hope you're enjoying your Monday.

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