Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oddly busy week

This week has been much busier then I anticipated lots of fun stuff happening with my munchkin. We had our first visit with Easter bunny at the mall on Tuesday and I was really impressed at how well Ella did there was no crying or fusing just the usual happy baby. She was a little curious about what was holding her but once she focused on momma and her baby Einstein octopus she was my happy smiley little girl.
  There's my cutie I just love this photo I can't wait to add it to her scrapbook which is coming along well I am almost caught up and by caught up I mean the first two months plus the before she arrived pages. I only have her Christmas, our new family, thanksgiving, and her firsts layouts to complete. Then its on to her 3, 4 and 5 month layouts, valentines day, Easter, bath time progress, our daily and our weekly routines and the bluebonnets leading to my next topic.

This morning we ventured out to a nice grassy pasture on hwy 96 almost to hwy 146 that was littered with blue bonnets, so we parked the car loaded up the stroller with a basket, blankets, my camera bag, and of course my Ella boo and headed out to the field of blue. I think we were a little late finding this place because a lot of blue bonnets had been trampled or sat on but we still managed to find a well covered locale. I wasn't quite sure how well Ella was going to do since this was her first time doing photos outside but she was a champ like always. No fuss no muss just sat there and played with her dress and looked around. The sun was a bit of a problem since she has her moms sensitive baby blues, there was  lot of squinting and closing her eyes but I came home with some really cute photos. Let me know what you think.

I was so amazed how well she was sitting up she is getting so big.

There's  my sweetie

I just love this expression

She was even happy just laying on a blanket in the grass.

For April my goals for the blog are to start posting some of Ella's scrapbook pages, and start my pinterest challenge. Without further ado here are the pinterest pins I decided on for my first challenge.
The Bapron (bib apron)
Vary this with a onesie and pre- ruffled fabric.
Vary this making it a pillow case ruffle dress.

The idea is to finish one project a week we'll see how that goes, I don't think they'll be too challenging and they're for a baby so it should take to long to sew each one. Looking forward to letting you know my outcomes and having some fun new things for my Ella boo to model. Hope you had an awesome hump day.

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