Friday, July 2, 2010

Day two

After the first battle with cording you think I would have just left good enough alone, but that would be to easy. I have now added cording to three of my projects, and lets just say the third times a charm. I think I now have the cording thing figured out. Here is the second project that has the awe inspiring cording added to it.

The answer is YES, this is the same beach bag that started my battle with cording. This is the bag I made for my grandmother for Mothers Day. This time the cording was easier to attach since I now have a little better understanding of how to keep it in place. I am really starting to think I need to make one of these bags for myself, I will have to add that to the never ending project list. The fabric for this bag is designed by the ever stylish Amy Butler, you may be starting to see a pattern with my choice of fabric. However, you should all be happy to know that I am starting to drift out of my comfort zone and have purchased some Heather Bailey, Moda, and Joel Dewberry fabrics.

The next post will be my final bag in the battle with cording, well at least for now. I also realize this blog is called creative tales not sewing tales so I will start to add other crafty projects as well. Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July weekend.

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