Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sewing it up

To start of this whole creative tales process I decided to start with sharing some of my sewing projects. Without further delay let the creative tales begin.

The beach bag was something I made for my cousin Kelly. Try to focus on the actual bag and not the messy room in the background. The pattern and material are both by Amy Butler. The pattern is the field bad and tote and the material is Daisy Chain-wildflowers-Navy for the bottom of the bag and Daisy Chain - pressed flowers-turquoise for the top. Sewing cording was an undertaking for a beginner/intermediate sewer. Even though I followed a pattern, keeping the cording properly aligned with the 2 pieces of the bag it was outlining was rough. Lets just say the cording and I are in a never ending battle, and the cording is winning.

These curtains are in my dining room. The fabric is from Amy Butler's Nigella line, nickel primrose. I didn't actually follow a pattern for these it was more of a learn as you go type of process. This was surprisingly easier then you might think, or at least then I thought it would be. The most challenging part of the process was sewing the top, sides, and hem in a straight line. I am sure there are more technical names then top, side, and hem but that's what I am going with. Until the next tale

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